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Our Expertise

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When you or a loved one have suffered a personal injury (or death) as the result of another’s negligence, we are here to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Be assured that our lawyer(s) will aggressively fight for your rights and win you the money you deserve.

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When you are suspected or accused of criminal wrongdoing, it is critical to get sound and experienced legal advice.  Knowing and exercising your constitutional rights can make all the difference.  You have a Sixth Amendment Constitutional Right to the effective assistance of counsel.  Use it.  

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Whether you are facing your first Michigan OWI/DUI charge, a repeat offense, or if you have been involved in a serious OWI/DUI accident and are facing felony charges, we have the knowledge, experience, and answers to aggressively defend your interests, rights, and future.


Not every case can be resolved out of court.  When disputes cannot be effectively settled out of court, our team of expert litigator(s), trial lawyer(s), and skilled legal assistants at Sawyer Law Offices are here to help obtain the results you need.

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Certain violations in the State of Michigan require a suspension or revocation of driving privileges.  At Sawyer Law Offices, our primary objective is to seek full reinstatement of your driver’s license in a timely manner, allowing you to return to your normal day to day activities.  We are more successful at this than any other law firm. We assist in all aspects of this effort including preparing our clients to answer the anticipated questions at hearing. 

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