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Keary Sawyer was born in 1951 and raised in West Michigan and comes from a family where his father and two (2) brothers were attorneys.


Brother - Hon. David H. Sawyer

Brother, Hon. David H. Sawyer, is the Senior Judge in the Michigan Court of Appeals and past Chairman of Michigan’s Judicial Tenure Commission, which supervises the behavior of all Michigan Judges. David was elected to the Court of Appeals in 1986. Prior to being elected Judge, David was elected and served as Kent County Prosecuting Attorney for ten (10) years, from 1976 thru 1986.


Father - Hon. Harold S. Sawyer (1920 - 2003)

Father, Hon. Harold S. Sawyer (1920 – 2003) was an outstanding trial attorney having won ten (10) first-degree murder cases (losing none), five (5) for the defense and five (5) for the prosecution. Hal Sawyer also achieved some substantial personal injury verdicts and pioneered the use of some types of demonstrative evidence.  He was a member of the International and American Academy of Trial Lawyers.  

He became the Chairman of Warner, Norcross & Judd, one of the largest law firms in West Michigan. Hal was also the Chairman of Wolverine Brass – Citation Corp (Amex) and served as Kent County Prosecuting Attorney.

Also of note, Hal Sawyer served in the US Navy in WWII in the Pacific as a Lieutenant on a destroyer; and was on the third wave assault on the beach at Tarawa.  His destroyer was in Tokyo Bay during the Japanese surrender. 

He was elected to and served four (4) terms in Congress as the US Representative for Gerald R. Ford’s old seat. He served on the Judiciary and Veteran Affairs Committees; and on the Select House Committee on Assassinations (Kennedy & King).


Mother - Marcia Sawyer (1926 - 2001)

The unsung hero in this immediate family was (mother) Marcia Sawyer (1926 – 2001); Marcia was a full-time home-maker (classic 50s mom) and talented designer and artist. On Marcia’s side of the family was her mother, Marion Steketee, publicly noted for her volunteerism and Marcia’s father, Frank Steketee, who was a Walter Camp All American Football Player at the University of Michigan (1918 - National Champions) and played for Coach Fielding Yost.


Brother - Stephen Sawyer

Brother, Stephen Sawyer,  a former Lansing City Attorney, now in private practice in Charlevoix County, Michigan.


Sister - Mariya Sinclair

Sister, Mariya Sinclair, is a retired teacher, who is married to John Sinclair and resides in East Jordan, Michigan.

Great Grandfather - LA Cornelius

Keary’s maternal great grandfather, LA Cornelius, was the founder of Wolverine Brass Works, a successful Grand Rapids manufacturing company for decades, and who was a community leader in Grand Rapids in the 1920s, ‘30s, and ‘40s.


The bottom line, with this family history and tradition, is a commitment to success and the expectation of superior results, noting that, “with privilege, comes responsibility.”


So when you need a good lawyer….Call Sawyer.

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