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Drivers License Restoration

I’ve had my license revoked for having two OWI convictions, how do I go about getting it back?   Call us! (616) 451-8478

In the State of Michigan, a driver who has had his or her license revoked for two or more drunk driving convictions or other related offenses must request a hearing with the Secretary of State's Office of Hearing and Administrative Oversight (OHAO) (formerly DAAD).  

Hearings may only be requested after the predetermined minimum revocation has been met and may only be requested once per year.  Michigan Law states that driving is a privilege, not a right. The DAAD has the discretion to deny the request for reinstatement of your license.  However, the hearing officer must state the reasons for denial and the Order may be appealed to Circuit Court.  Recently, the basis for appeal to Circuit Court has become more petitioner friendly. 

How often may I request a hearing with the OHAO/DAAD?

A hearing in front of the Secretary of State’s Office of Hearing and Administrative Oversight (OHAO) may only be requested once per year, which makes the decision to hire an experienced and skilled lawyer important.


What do I need to do to convince the OHAO/DAAD to restore my license?

In order to prevail at the OHAO (DAAD) hearing, you must show clear and convincing evidence regarding two factors:

  1. You have your substance abuse problem under control and demonstrate that it is likely is to remain under control.

  2. That the likelihood that you will again drink and drive under the influence is very minimal.

In order to prove your case, you must be prepared with the proper documentation and be able to demonstrate that you are not going to have a relapse. Preparation is paramount to restoring your driving privileges.  A knowledgeable and skilled lawyer can help you.

What happens if I am denied reinstatement by the OHAO/DAAD?

If the OHAO (DAAD) denies reinstatement during your hearing, you will be prohibited from requesting another hearing until another full year has passed.  This is because you are only allowed one hearing per year. Thus, a one year revocation can very easily turn into a two year revocation. Again, this makes your choice of attorney and your preparation for the hearing very important.

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