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Drivers License Restoration


When driving privileges are suspended or revoked due to multiple alcohol offenses or an unsatisfactory driving record, we can help.

Most often jurisdiction is with the Michigan Secretary of State’s Office of Hearing and Administrative Oversight (OHAO) (formerly DAAD).  Since 1992, Circuit Court jurisdiction has been limited to granting certain hardship licenses and appellate review of OHAO orders.  Sawyer Law Offices is experienced and has been very successful in both areas.

If you have suffered the revocation of your driving privileges due to two (2) or more driving and driving convictions within seven (7) years, we can help you.  It is important that you get the process started early to regain your license.  Don’t wait too long past the date of first eligibility to apply for a hearing.  

Image by Jan Kronies

Sawyer Law Offices offers an initial consultation, free of charge, for the purpose of assessing your eligibility and the likelihood of success.  After learning about your situation, we will be able to give you an estimate of the costs involved.  Be sure to get a printout of your driving record from the Secretary of State to bring to this first appointment.  

To achieve the restoration of a revoked driver’s license, the individual (Petitioner) has the burden of proving by "clear and convincing evidence" that they are not a “habitual drunk driver” and pose a minimum risk.  The Petitioner must also have been alcohol free for one (1) year, depending on past Blood Alcohol Content (BAC).

In recent years, the OHAO (DAAD) has added the requirement of a 12-panel drug screen and stressed support group involvement.  A letter of recommendation from a support group sponsor (such as AA) is recommended, but not required unless prescribed.  Additional requirements include:  

  • Substance Abuse Evaluation (This evaluation cannot be older than 90 days when received by the OHAO (DAAD)

  • Documentation of Sobriety (3 to 6 letters from family members, friends, coworkers, etc., which must contain certain information)

  • Final Ignition Interlock Report (if you already have a restricted license with an interlock device)

  • 12-panel Drug Screen

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