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When you need a good
lawyer, call SAWYER.


  • Million Dollar and Nationally Published Jury Verdicts

  • Record Setting Personal Injury Awards in West Michigan

  • The BEST in OWI-DUI Defense

  • Over 42 Years of Successful Trial Experience



About Us


More than 40 years of winning and successful results for clients has earned Sawyer Law Offices and Keary Sawyer a reputation for smart, aggressive and compassionate representation.

Sawyer Law Offices features one of the most talented trial lawyers in Michigan, Keary W. Sawyer.  Mr. Sawyer has established a proven record of success over 40 years of obtaining outstanding results for his clients.  

He has won million dollar and a number of nationally published jury verdicts including some of the best personal injury verdicts and settlements in West Michigan. He is also one of the best OWI/DUI Attorneys in West Michigan.

In addition to representing individuals who have suffered serious personal injury, Sawyer Law Offices and Mr. Sawyer’s areas of specialty also include defending serious criminal felony and misdemeanor cases, drunk driving (OWI/DUI) defense, and major drug cases.  He also handles civil rights and criminal cases in both state and federal courts.  Additionally, Mr. Sawyer also has had an active real estate broker’s license in Michigan since 1986.

Our dedication to quality, knowledge of the law, trust, and respect are the foundation of our long-standing relationships with our clients and the community. For over 40 years, we are proud to have served our clients throughout West Michigan, Michigan, the greater Grand Rapids area, Kent, Ottawa, Allegan, Ionia, Barry, Montcalm Counties, and select cases in Colorado.  We have also provided quality legal representation at a reasonable cost throughout the States of Michigan, Colorado and beyond.


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- Serious Personal Injury, Automobile Accidents, & Death Cases

- Civil Rights and Jail Suicide Cases

- Personal Injury, Pedestrian, Bicycle, Motorcycle, Truck, Boating

- Personal Injury, Premises Liability and Dog Bite Cases

- Drunk Driving Defense (OWI / DUI)

- Criminal Law and Serious Criminal Charges

- Defending Major Drug and Substance Abuse Cases

- Driver's License Restoration

- Real Estate Law

- General Litigation


We will schedule hospital, home, and after-hours consultations 



I have been brought up with a commitment to legal professionalism that has run through my family.  In recent times, it seems that some of the commitment to professionalism and legal ethics have been lost.  Not here.  It’s worth noting that a lot of our success has been achieved by just plain, old fashioned hard work and preparation.

When an individual is seriously injured in an accident, the impact on all aspects of their life is immediate.  They find that their employment, income, and active lifestyle are threatened we are ready to fight for our clients; and win.  Often, insurance companies are reluctant to pay.  

It is important that we investigate and document the accident and injuries early, and in a timely manner.  So when you need a good lawyer, don't wait, call Sawyer: (616) 451-8478, or (616) 822-1360.

Our law practice has always excelled in obtaining outstanding results for clients who have suffered serious personal injury due to the negligence of others, automobile accidents, premises liability, civil rights, and product liability claims.

More recently (the past 15 years), we have developed a sub-specialty of defending drinking driving (OWI/DUI) cases. The penalties for this crime have dramatically increased over the last number of years.  As a direct result of having achieved outstanding results for clients in this area, I have been asked to teach and have taught attorneys statewide on how to handle drunk driving cases.  In this context, I have been on the faculty of The Institute of Continuing Legal Education (ICLE) which is an educational provider sponsored by the State Bar of Michigan.  I have also been a member of the National College for DUI Defense and Michigan Association of OWI Attorneys, and other related organizations.


I want to tell you, one on one, that I have been successful in representing and getting the best results for clients for over 40 years, because I am personally and professionally committed to representing people the way that I would want to be represented. Ask around and read further on this website to be satisfied that we are not only the right choice for your representation but also the best choice.  


Or just give us a call at: (616) 451-8478 or toll free at: (866) SAWYER-6, or in emergencies (616) 822-1360.




Sawyer Law Offices has evolved into one of the best personal injury and best drunk driving (OWI/DUI) defense and criminal defense law firms in Michigan. Additionally, Attorney Keary Sawyer has obtained record setting and nationally published jury verdicts. 

*We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Credit cards and will attempt to work out reasonable payment plans.

*We offer a convenient location, complete with free parking.

*In most matters, the initial consultation is free.

*We can arrange home, hospital, and after hours consultations.



"Our family just wants to say thank-you once again for your help in our time of need. You are a true professional and helped us just as you said you would. We were so lucky to be directed your way. Grand Rapids and Michigan are lucky to have such an honest attorney of your caliber."

Steve T. and Family

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