About Our Firm

After 23 years in central, Downtown Grand Rapids, Sawyer Law Offices.com, P.C. moved to College Avenue. This move has given our clients a quick and easy freeway access to our office along with free parking.


Our office consists primarily of principal attorney Keary W. Sawyer and a highly qualified staff of legal assistants.

The legal services provided include aggressive representation in tragic serious injury and death cases. Major jury verdicts and settlements have been achieved (over one million dollars) for numerous clients in automobile and product liability cases.

Our reputation has been underpinned by a proven record of success in the courtroom and a tradition of legal excellence.

Skilled Trial Attorneys

The real test of an attorney’s ability to get results for his client is dependent both upon having a proven ability to win in the courtroom and being a skilled negotiator. Keary Sawyer has both.

If you choose to interview other trial attorneys, ask them if they have ever obtained a jury verdict in a personal injury case of over one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) when the previous offer to settle was nothing! We have. And yes, it was upheld on appeal.

Drunk Driving Defense Specialists

Our firm is one of the best (if not the best) drunk driving (OWI/DUI) defense firms in West Michigan.  Mr. Sawyer has successfully defended hundreds of drinking driving cases throughout the State of Michigan.  He has won aquittal and a not guilty verdicts in cases with BAC’s of .17 and above.  He is known for preparing an aggressive defense and motion practice.  He has been a guest speaker on TV, radio shows, and at law schools on the topic of drunk driving laws and defense.

Variety of Legal Services

Sawyer Law Offices.com, P.C. offers a variety of legal services. Over the last 36 years, we have both settled and gone to trial in hundreds of cases and represented many individuals, families, corporations, including; judges, prosecutors, police chiefs, officers, deputies, detectives, CEO’s, congressmen, state representatives, commissioners, trustees, world champion athletes, successful business men and women, etc. and probably some of your friends and neighbors. So ask around or give us a call if you are seeking effective representation or just need help.